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Balance Bikes & Trikes Comparison Guide
If you're on the hunt for the best balance bike or trike for your young one but aren't sure which size or model to go for, our popular 2-in-1 trike/bike comes in two different sizes to accommodate all tiny riders. 
Tiny Tot - Kinderfeets
The TINY TOT is a smaller frame, best suited for one to two-year-olds, while the larger-sized TINY TOT PLUS caters for children aged 18 months to four years.
Both the TINY TOT and TINY TOT PLUS offer two-in-one value, converting from a trike to a balance bike whenever your little zoomer is ready.
 For a more comprehensive overview, please view the chart below.
Comparison Chart for Kinderfeets Tiny Tot bikes.

*While the above serves as a guide, the best way to work out the right size for your child is to measure the inside length of their leg and compare with each bike's seat height ranges.
Fit Check:
As pictured below, your child should be able to comfortably place both feet flat on the ground when seated, with near-straight legs, as this will allow them to propel the bicycle forward with the balls of their feet in a running motion and bring the bicycle to a stop with their feet firmly contacting the ground. (For outdoor use, children should have footwear on).
The seat can be adjusted if your child's knees are too bent – just put the seat at a higher setting until it looks right and is comfortable for your little rider.
Fit check for the Kinderfeets Tiny Tot Plus
We also have the four-wheel Tiny Glider for parents who want to give a
guiding hand to their child as they ride.
Tiny Glider Kinderfeets
Happy adventuring!