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Toddler Ride-On Bundle
Toddler Ride-On Bundle
Toddler Ride-On Bundle
Toddler Ride-On Bundle

Toddler Ride-On Bundle

Explore the outdoors with your adventurous toddler as they ride their very own Kinderfeets Tiny Glider or scooter. Gone are the days where you have to wait for your little walker to keep up with you – now they can ride alongside you in style!

Choose from the Kinderfeets Tiny Glider, a small 4-wheel foot-powered vehicle for young ambitious riders that includes a push stick for adults to help guide children as they get used to the glider's maneuverability, or older kids will love zooming to their next adventure on the Kinderscooter! Outfitted with 3 EVA airless tires and non-toxic handlebar grips for smooth and comfortable riding, this kick scooter is the ultimate play outlet for toddlers who are eager to start cruising independently.

Add a helmet in the color of your choice for extra safety and style, ensuring your child is protected while they explore the world around them.

See each product for the dimensions and weight limits.
Ages & Stages
Tiny Glider for active toddlers ages 12 months and older. Kinderscooter suitable for ages 2 years and older.
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